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Piedra Fina - Homepage
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Why Piedra Fina? Back in the day, in Cuba, "La Charada" was a lottery system in which an object, animal or person represented a number. So that if, for example, you dreamt of a nun riding a bicycle while eating a coconut, you would play numbers 5, 52 and 70. Growing up in a Cuban household, in Venezuela, I often heard my parents mention different numbers and what they meant. They were sometimes funny, others absurd and often irreverent.
Homes in Venezuela have names rather than numbers, making it very confusing to find your way so that a typical address might be something like "Quinta Mi Amor, entre Pelota y La Gorda" ("My Love" house, between the corners of Ball and Fat Lady streets). When my parents built their dream home they called it Piedra Fina which is represented by the number 25, my dad's lucky number and his birth day.
The intention in opening a place like Piedra Fina is to recreate fond memories through aromas, flavors, sounds and good company. Many of our recipes are authentic, passed down by friends and relatives while others fuse the cuisines of different hispanic countries.
Our many options consists of tapas and raciones, small and medium plates, to allow you to create your own culinary experience.
We have an extensive cocktail menu that includes many Latin favorites and house created drinks, we encourage you to try something new. You will be pleasantly surprised.
So, as they say, relax and enjoy, don't be afraid to talk to the person next to you Piedra Fina is about new friends and new experiences.
And, of course, we hope to see you again soon.

Piedra Fina is located at 288 Main St in beautiful Marlborough, NH